Happy Labor Day!  Here’s a novel idea for some of you. Why don’t you take the day off from the labor of lifting weights! I know, you’re worried you may lose some stinking precious quarter of an inch off your small arms! Some of you may use the excuse you love working out.  If you did it properly you’d dread it! Hey, I have always loved pumping iron too, but not for free! I expect to be paid in gains! That comes from resting a lot, not working out a lot!!!! Go ahead, take a chance, take the day off if you’ve got the courage, or faith. Rest, eat some good meals. I’ll bet you feel more rested and thicker on Tuesday, unless you’re over trained from doing some stupid 6 days a week routine. Then I advise you take a week off! Good luck with your present routine! You’ll need it! Get Brutally Huge!

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