I read this a long time ago, I think maybe Vince Gironda, Joe Gold, or someone like that said: when you are training naturally, for every 3 lbs of muscle you put on, you must put on a pound of fat. First of all, quit looking at magazines with 300lb bodybuilders with zero percent fat.… Continue reading BRUTAL PHYSIOLOGY NATURALLY!


All the bodybuilders seem to think if they work their legs back biceps on Monday and do chest shoulders and triceps on Tuesday, that their legs back and biceps are resting and growing. Wrong! All the energy you used to work your chest on Tuesday could’ve been used to heal your back legs and biceps… Continue reading FINITE ENERGY!


In much the same way, that some experts say that models create an unrealistic “look” that most women can never achieve, it’s also true that bodybuilding magazines creates a false image that 99% of you will never be able to achieve. You don’t want to go down “that road”. It’s illegal, dangerous, can wreck your… Continue reading BRUTAL REALITY

How do You Feel?

If you feel small, run down, sore, lethargic and you’re not growing, something is wrong. You should always feel thick and powerful. If your muscles don’t always feel thick there’s a reason. There’s only 3 reasons for not always feeling well rested, thick and strong. They are: 1) not eating enough, 2) not resting enough,… Continue reading How do You Feel?