Going to the gym isn’t bloody social hour. I’m not there to hear about you, your relationships, or your life. Don’t talk to me when I look like I’m going to heave after doing a set. I don’t care what you think about me. If you can talk after doing a set, you don’t know what hard training is. I’m trying to get BRUTALLY HUGE. It’s not pleasurable, it’s not fun, it’s all about withstanding more excruciating pain than others can. But I can’t help it because I love being Brutally Huge! It’s been my life for 58 years!

2 thoughts on “THE BRUTALLY HUGE MINDSET!!!!

  1. Having worked in various commercial gyms, including Nautilus Australia, many see “working out” as a social scene. They come in with gusto, only to vanish a few short months later. And the gyms know that, surviving off the constant client turnover. The farce is criminal!

    The select few willing to listen, did remarkably well. I put on 2kgs on a roadie in 2 weeks (after he was trained on volume, multiple times a week, and went nowhere). And 5kgs on a (near) doctor. He was stressed to the max, on the final stages of becoming qualified. Yet he had the smarts and drive to realise intensity and brevity was the answer to his goals.

    As for the majority. They took their gym visits as a social club, or tried to adhere to the nonsense they saw in the muscle magazines. I never, not once, saw any of them gain. In fact, one guy grew weaker over the month he tried training with the biggest guy in the gym.

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    1. Again, I agree with everything you said. Sad, we cant convince the masses of what we know. Hey , if I can help one person at a time to start growing after years of no growth, I am so happy. It makes it all worth while!


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