There are many of you who have known me and followed Brutally Huge techniques for decades. You know that I am vehemently again the use of drugs. I just cant believe how so many people just ignorantly do what some “champ” does. Every week, I go to the gym and see little guys doing 20 sets per bodypart because a magazine said so, or worse, some little certified personal trainer with a 16 inch arm says you have to.  How can a man with a 16 inch arm, who studied a course to become a certified personal trainer, all of a sudden be a master and tell you how to get a 20 inch arm when he hasn’t himself. He’ll probably tell you Mr “O” trains that way, so, well, you should too. UUGGGHHHH! Conversely, when have you read a magazine article, and a “champ” told you that as a beginner you should do 2-3 sets total per bodypart to get bigger? Notice they never do? Let me be BRUTALLY BLUNT: If you are stupid enough to train like the champs with your 16 inch arm, then you better be stupid enough to take the 6-14 drugs they do, otherwise that type of training wont work!!!!!!! Even Dorian Yates was known to have done 6-9 sets per bodypart!!!  Someone said to me: ” Bill, you never won anything, your not cut, blah blah blah”. That’s because I was not willing to do what it takes to go that far!!!!!!! I care about my health! I want to live! I want to be fairly HUGE my whole life. Please don’t go that route!!!  Please don’t ever take those horrible drugs!!! I am still BRUTALLY HUGE at 57, I’ve had 20 inch arms, and I alone, not some mag or trainer can show you how to get HUGE!!!!  My system will show you how to get 17-20 inch arms naturally. You’ll probably never win anything, but you’ll be and feel thick and powerful all the time, and live to tell about it, and not end up on that you tube video called:  Dead Bodybuilders. The choice is yours!

Best wishes, stay healthy, and get BRUTALLY HUGE.

Sincerely, Dr. William Davis

4 thoughts on “BRUTAL TRUTH- AGAIN !!!!

  1. I have a few of Bill’s earlier books (the originals) and I plan to get the others, I can heartily recommend them if you want the TRUTH on how to build your muscles; no fluff all facts!

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    1. Hi Sonny, thank you for the kind words! The new books are glossy covered, professionally bound and published. If you have any questions please email me.


  2. That’s the dark-side of bodybuilding, the aspect the Weider’s hid from the public for decades. The IFBB has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. It’s all “the bigger and freakier the better”. I have long known, you aren’t too big when 6 foot under.

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