I read this a long time ago, I think maybe Vince Gironda, Joe Gold, or someone like that said: when you are training naturally, for every 3 lbs of muscle you put on, you must put on a pound of fat. First of all, quit looking at magazines with 300lb bodybuilders with zero percent fat. That isn’t real. It’s fake! It sets unhealthy unrealistic expectations. You and I cant do it! Why? Because we are not willing to do what it takes and hurt ourselves in the process. Suffice it so say, if you try to starve, stay cut, and get HUGE all at once, it wont happen. By virtue of growing, and having some extra insurance, you have to eat a little more than you need each day to ensure you do grow. When you think about it, who wouldn’t mind adding muscle at a 3:1 ratio? Just think, putting on 30 lbs of muscle and 10 lbs of fat. You’d actually look more defined. So quit being neurotic about cuts and a plastic trophy, eat, stay healthy, and Get Brutally Huge. I’ve been Brutally Huge my whole life! Let me show you how! Best wishes! Stay healthy and HUGE.


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