These are real difficult trying times. A lot of people haven’t had a gym for 2 months. In some states this may go on longer. I feel like I should’ve posted this sooner. I apologize. As you can imagine, being in the health field, I have been incredibly busy. Here is a workout you can do at home that could not only maintain mass but perhaps build some. You can split your body by doing  the upper half one day , the lower half a few days later and repeat. Or you can do a whole body workout once a week, or you can do the traditional leg/back/biceps one day and chest/shoulders/triceps the other.  Read my books for how often you should workout to grow. Please do not do 5 sets or 20 sets, which is the biggest reason, most people never grow.

Here are some exercise ideas:

Thighs- do 2-3 sets of sissy squats between 2 door jambs for support. If you don’t know how to do these, look online for a video that will show you how. Don’t laugh, they are brutal! Or you can do a set of squats for 25 reps to warm up then do 1 legged squats between 2 door jambs. Do them strictly for safety of your knee joints. NO bouncing!

Calves- get a heavy brick, board, something to stand on to do 1 leg calf raises between 2 door jambs. 2-3 sets will suffice. Don’t worry about stretching. Why not try to get a peak contraction by standing up on the balls of your feet for 10 seconds each rep. It’s harder than stretching and more beneficial.

Back/Biceps- you can order a chin-up bar from Amazon, or buy a chin-up/dipping station. For your lats and biceps just do 2-3 sets. Underhand grip works the biceps the best. There maybe chinning bars at a park or school playground if you are allowed to go.

Forearms- On the same chinning bar, try to hang for 1 minute. You’ll be surprised at how hard this will work you forearms and strengthen your handshake.

Chest/Triceps-Dips on the dipping station is the best. If you have a park nearby, or a school playground, there maybe some “parallel bars” you can dip on. Or you can do two sets of close grip push ups to failure. Have someone push down on your shoulders to “add” resistance.

Deltoids- you can grab 2 bricks, 2 bar stools, or 2 chairs and do lateral raises. A couple of sets to failure is enough.

On all the above movements, do them strictly. I know this isn’t perfect but it’s better than nothing. Besides, I have friends and myself included who believe chins and dips are better than most other back and chest exercises anyway. You may even surprise yourself and grow, if you rest long enough between workouts.

With viruses running around, resting longer, sleeping more would be a good idea anyway. You don’t want to get run down and overtrained. Best wishes, stay healthy, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, rest a lot, and get Brutally Huge.

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