Please don’t ever take steroids. You will pay someday! You can liken steroids to an engine with a nitrous oxide system putting out 600 horsepower. The engine will take that for a little while,but it will not last 300,000 miles. If your lucky, your liver, kidneys, coronary system will tolerate the abuse for a little while, but eventually you’ll be forced to stop! Something will break.

You must honestly weigh the benefits vs the risk. In my estimation, is there a darn good chance that you could win something big and make a lot of money? For 99% of us, the answer is a resounding NO!!!! Not that it is okay to risk your health for money, it isn’t (IMHO). But jeez, if your taking drugs just to be the local gym buffoon, and strut around with your 17 inch zit and pustule ridden arms, then you’re not very smart!!! All you’re doing is shortening your days and hurting yourself, and for what? A plastic “Mr Podunk” trophy? WOW! That’s really intelligent!!

One could argue that these people in the magazines are awesome looking, some would say freakish and gone too far, but I digress, you must ask yourself : “are you willing to sell your soul” and risk your health all for a stinking little trophy? There are no free rides in life!

So, to sum it up, if you aren’t going to be stupid enough to take a truckload of drugs, then don’t be stupid enough to train like the “champs”, because their routines ONLY work with all those drugs.

When you’re 16 or 22 and “superhuman”, you don’t want to hear this, but the best thing you could do is: get an education, take honest assessment of yourself, realize your chances are infinitesimally small of getting famous, take care of your health and learn about human physiology and the art of recuperation! I can show you how!

Some of you out there are thinking well, a “smooth” 18 inch natural arm doesn’t look as awesome as Mr Olympia’s drug bloated arm. But with the former, at least you could live 40 more years.

One more pet peeve, I’m sick of hearing bodybuilders running around saying an 18 inch “smooth” arm isn’t real, because fat isn’t real ( yes it is), as if a drug bloated, implant ridden, zero percent fat arm is real? Give me a break!! Such illogic makes me angry and disgusted! What’s not real is most peoples distorted view of reality!

Stay Natural, Healthy, and Get BRUTALLY HUGE. You won’t regret it!

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