Long gone are the days of doing squats, benches, or any exercise for 6 months and getting rewards for doing so. At my stage, I stop feeling any benefits after 3 workouts with the same exercise. Oh sure I can force myself to keep doing it, and get stronger, but I don’t grow. I don’t have that thick feeling anymore. Usually when I do a new exercise, on the first workout, the muscles aren’t used to it, and the exercise feels awkward. It’s a shock. After two or three workouts, you are used to it again and don’t respond as well. I continually feel thick and powerful when I change the exercise every workout or every second workout. Doing this keeps the muscles confused, and they keep growing. All by itself, this principle won’t solve all your problems, but it will help your growth, keeping things fresh, and feeling thick all over. Lastly, by changing the exercise so frequently, you’ll develop better shape. Stay Healthy and Get Brutally Huge.

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