Welcome to Brutally Huge

The home of Bill Davis’ books.  After a long hiatus to pursue family, academic, and professional goals, I have witnessed a pent up demand for the type of knowledge these fine books contain, which will enable bodybuilders of all levels of experience, who want to add more size and even get Brutally Huge, to do so, without resorting to the unsafe use of drugs. As a matter of fact, these books are the best chance, for most people, to get Huge without resorting to the unsafe use of drugs. Thus, these books are being brought back by popular demand. These books can be purchased at right here at BrutallyHuge, Lulu.com, Ebay.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and will soon be available as E-books on Amazon. Available are the two classics: “HOW TO GET BRUTALLY HUGE” and “BRUTALLY HUGE: THE BODYPARTS“, and a newly released book: “THE BEST OF THE REST OF BRUTALLY HUGE-THE BRUTAL YEARS“. Coming out soon will be a brand new 4th book containing information on how I have been Brutally Huge for 40 years and am still improving.

WHEN HUGE IS NOT ENOUGH” is the culmination of 44 years of being Brutally Huge.CoverforStore  This book, written roughly 32 years after the first iteration reveals growth secrets that you the reader will never find in any bodybuilding magazine.  The “champs” cannot tell you anything about natural growth because they never did it themselves.  They just do not know.  They all do the same 20 set per body part drug-based routines that will not work for you, the natural trainer.   I have spared no attention to detail.  I have left no rock unturned.  I have painstakingly revealed and written about every advanced growth technique that I have used to go beyond Brutally Huge.  To go to the next level takes super intense methods and intelligent training that works for you and not against you.  The techniques are counterintuitive.  The choice is yours.  You can forever be stuck with 17 or 18 inch arms, or you can take charge, and build more muscle than you ever though possible.  If you’re like me, and being huge is not enough for you, then you need this book.  When Huge Is Not Enough II is the answer.

HOW TO GET BRUTALLY HUGE“. This classic book covers topics such as my personal story, stress, recuperation, HowToGetover training, diet, muscle physiology, mental attitude, genetics, and training routines for all levels of experience.  This book explains in great detail how to grow nonstop without the unsafe use of drugs. More importantly, is the extensive examination of the principles contained in this book that allowed me to go from 145lbs to 250lbs in 7 years, with my arms going from 14 to 20 inches in that same time frame, naturally. Contained are routines for every level of experience. You will experience phenomenal growth with these principles which work with your body, rather than forcing it to adhere to the same old 20 sets per body part routines which do nothing but over train you, leave you feeling small, frustrated, hurt, and may even lead to you giving up and quitting altogether. If you want to  get Brutally Huge fast, you need this book, which I promise you, contains principles and ways of thinking and training, that you absolutely will not find in any bodybuilding magazines.  In my personal opinion, the bodybuilding magazines have a vested interest in you staying small so you’ll keep buying them, hoping that maybe someday, just some how, you will all of a sudden start growing. You won’t. Who cares what the champs are doing! What they do won’t work for you. Do you want to get Brutally Huge or not? Quit wasting precious time and money. The choice is yours; you can stay forever small, or you can join me and thousands of others who are getting Brutally Huge!

BRUTALLY HUGE: THE BODY PARTS“.  This book is the logical follow up to the first book: “HOW TO GET BodyPartsBRUTALLY HUGE”. I strongly recommend that you purchase the above book first so you’ll understand and have a grasp of the principles that will allow you to get bigger, faster, than you ever thought possible. Once you understand these principles, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to grow. You might even be upset at yourself, wishing you had known this material earlier in life. For those of you who still choose to buy this book first, there is a Brutally Huge review to bring you up to speed fast. Then you’ll be introduced to nontraditional ways of thinking and training, with an intense focus to detail given to each muscle, for all levels of experience to help you get Brutally Huge fast. Stop spinning your wheels in the sands of bodybuilding non progress and let me show you step by step how to get Brutally Huge.

THE BEST OF THE REST OF BRUTALLY HUGE-THE BRUTAL YEARS“. This book is a compilation of all theBrutalYears other books and courses from the 1980’s Brutally Huge System. They have all been combined into one convenient source. This new book contains the following former books:
Once you have read this book, you will have a master’s level knowledge of the principles contained in the Brutally Huge Series and there will be no stopping your growth. The knowledge contained in this book cannot be found in any other mainstream publications. It is truly revolutionary in it’s physiologic, scientific, and pragmatic approach, with principles that really WORK! I ask you, do you want to get HUGE or not? Stop hoping that someday it’ll just happen. Brutally Huge doesn’t happen by accident! You need the tools and programs in this book that will allow your dreams to come true. I know how it feels to want to be HUGE so badly, it hurts. I can show you how. The choice is really up to you. You can stay small forever, or you can join the multitudes around the globe who are getting Brutally Huge.

Stay tuned for my new book being released in 2017 which will entail the principles I used to make the best gains of my life and go from 255lbs to 283lbs at the age of 50. This book will also contain  nutritional pearls of wisdom, advanced training techniques, and so much more. It’s great to be Brutally Huge and feel thick all of the time, every day of my life! I’ve been Huge for 40 years! You can too!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Brutally Huge

  1. I would like to interview you for publication regarding your 4 decades of success. I am in Tucson and an avid strength athlete.


  2. Great job on the books. They are a wealth of knowledge and information! Looking forward to the other two. Also any plans to re-release the training tapes you had made! All the best!


  3. Bill is great! I have personally purchased and read his first two books. The information in them is so down to earth and great material. I had some trouble trying to make myself train less to gain more but it works!! Bill took time out of his day to help me formulate and design a routine for myself. I have been following this for about a month now and have already taken myself from 163lbs to 172lbs and much stronger!

    Thanks BILL!!!


  4. Hello Bill Davis
    You used to have a video that you sold along with your book. It was on vhs. I used to have it, but have lost it over the years. It has you doing your work out routine. Can you reissue the video on DVD? I would like to see on sale again.
    Thank you.

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