A bit of history. My “lifting career” started in 9th grade at the age of 14.  I was located on a military base, where PE class was mandatory. I’d never taken PE in my life, and I figured, well, it’s a class like any other class, so I might as well apply myself and try to get an “A”. We had to do 50 pushups , running sprints on the track, climb a 25 foot rope, and other various calisthenics. I got so good at the rope climbing, I got to where I could start from a position of sitting on the floor , using no legs (they were in the “V” position sticking straight out), and using only arms, climb all the way up to the top, pause, then slowly descend and do it again.  I rode a 10 speed bike to the base gym, 5 miles each way, to train with the MP’s (military police). Some of those guys were huge. They had 18 inch arms.  At the end of 9th grade, my arms probably went from 12.5 to 14.5 inches!

Then in 1977 I saw this copy of the now defunct Muscle Builder and Power. It blew my mind! I couldn’t even name all those muscles! It was incredible. Somehow though, I intuitively knew that what the champs said and did were one thing; but I was a beginner and it was too much for me.  I’d do 2 sets of preacher curls to mind sizzling intense failure, and the pump was so furious, that I couldn’t do more. I mean, if I tried a 3 rd set, I started losing the pump. So, I always did 2 sets for biceps and 2 for biceps. After another year of this, I had 16.5 inch arms in 10 grade.

Although, there were some vague articles on steroids, no one talked much!  Not like today.  There was no internet or YouTube in 1977.  There was only the magazines! That’s it! I was so innocent and naive that I actually believed you could get that big naturally. Someone forgot to tell ME that no one could do it.  I had more intensity than anyone I’ve ever met! That and under-training are the biggest reasons I had 19 inch arms when I was 19. I wanted it more than you!

I want to say a few things here about drug use. First of all as I mentioned above, my extreme intensity, living bodybuilding 24 hrs a day, super intuition, and some God given brains is how I got HUGE.  I never took drugs.  When you take drugs, it’s so sad but you can do everything wrong and grow! When you train natural, you must do everything right to grow!  For all you natural trainers out there, why do you even read the darn magazines with the champs  and their 25 set per bodypart routines! They know Nothing you don’t! They don’t have to!  They cheated! I’m sick to death of seeing these 177 lb men take 6-14 drugs, get up to 325lbs, win Mr Something, then when they retire, you see them again a year and they weight 177 again! You must ask yourself do you really want to go that route. Who the heck wants to be small again after being huge? How the heck can anyone look at these champs, get excited over something 99% of you know is not real,  you will never get, and it’s because you know how they did it, and you know that you wont! So why read that gibberish!

There’s a video out there called dead bodybuilders. Watch it! There’s 3-4 dozen dead bodybuilders, people I grew up with in my generation, that all died at 30 or 40 -something of heart attacks. Is being big for  5-10 years worth dying for?  I don’t think so.  I want to be HUGE for life! If you go the drug route, you CAN’T do both!  Don’t you want to be big for the next 50 years? Well, I can show you how.  I’ve got friends who have done drugs! I’m not putting anyone down. It’s a personal choice. Like Vic Richards, the Barbarians, and others on You Tube, I’ve never won anything. I didn’t care! I just wanted to get HUGE. THAT WAS THE GOAL! I did get HUGE. At 58, I am still HUGE!  That’s 44 years of being HUGE! Whether you want to get an 17,18,19 or even 20 inch arm, I can show you how, with no harm to your health, and you’ll keep it for as long as you want!  You wont have to “retire”. The choice is yours! I have a lot more to say in coming blogs!  GET BRUTALLY HUGE NOW!  Why wait?

PS- I’ve just given you a few secrets to really get BRUTALLY HUGE.  There is no secret bicep exercise!

May health, being huge,  and a long life be yours!

Bill “Brutally Huge” Davis


    1. Thank you! I am trying! There’s just so much misinfornation out there. What “ they” say it takes to grow, and what really works for most people are two different things!


  1. Mr. Davis, Thank you for your Brutally Huge books , I just purchased all of them and I am extremely excited about putting them to work. At this time I am in the process of putting together my home gym and once it is done I will be giving your training system my all . I will also be documenting my workouts and building a YouTube channel so that people can see how effective your system is. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you sir.


  2. Bill, I was a mail order client in 1988-89. Best progress of my life. Unfortunately, I let my Kinesiology professor convince me that his way(Muscle and Fiction) was the right way. I jumped right back on the hamster wheel. I’m glad I found Brutally Huge again.


    1. Hi Andy, “ Muscle and Fiction”?? Ha ha ha. That’s funny! LOL! I’m still trying to help people! Thank you for the kind words! Best wishes, stay healthy!


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