• Hello fellow lifters. There are lots of really bad viruses floating around out there. I should know. I just got over an illness , rested 1 month and everything felt thicker and bigger than ever! I saw this guy in the gym coughing, with a barking hacking cough, and I felt like saying: “go home and sleep a week”, but I’ve been down that road before. I knew he wouldn’t listen to me because after all, what have I won? What do I know right? Folks, you grow from resting, lifting is only the stimulus. Even if you put on a little fat while resting and eating during an illness, well, maybe you need that reserve for a while. Who ever said it’s healthy to have zero percent bodyfat???? The “champs” don’t year round!!! At the very least, if your gym has dispensers on the wall with antibacterial foam, use them!!!! You can also go to any pharmacy and buy those little bottles of antibacterial gel that’ll fit in your pocket. Use it every hour! Get BRUTALLY HUGE and stay healthy!

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