I can’t believe the number of people who work out when they’re sick. Rarely, with a mild cold, you maybe able to increase your body temperature while working out, destroy some of the virus, get away with it, and temporarily feel better, but most people get even more run down and get bronchitis, the flu, or worse: pneumonia!

Use sick time wisely, sleep a lot, eat, let your joints recuperate, and “recharge you batteries”. Yes, here’s a shocker, you’re muscles aren’t the only things that need rest. Your immune system and recuperative systems need to rest from the ordeal of healing YOU!

If after your last workout, you get sick; I want you to rest, eat and then once better, wait an additional week before returning to the weights. I am not the first to point this out, but I’ll reiterate it again. Yes! Rest while sick, then on the first day you feel great, add on another week of rest, and you will come back feeling thicker than before you got sick.

Sad thing is, most people cant stand the thought of a nice week off. It scares them and causes anxiety about losing some stinking precious 1/4 of an inch! Ugh!

Give it some serious thought if you want to grow. Quit pushing yourself so darn hard! Give yourself a break!

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