Today we will deal with triceps. Anatomically speaking, triceps are 2/3 of anyone’s ultimate arm size. Here is some insight into how I think. First, even if you have an incredible bicep peak, you can’t walk around your local shopping mall in a double bicep shot! Secondly, we don’t need plastic trophies, our arms are our trophies! Thirdly, if you ever want arms that look like legs in the pose of repose, or hanging at your side, then you need to really blast those triceps. The triceps are comprised of 3 muscles ( the rear, side, and inside head). Specifically speaking you need to over develop the rear tricep head to get your arms to look like legs. I got my triceps so big at one time, that not only did they look like half moons when viewed from the side, but my arms were 19.5 inches just hanging at the side! Over training is the biggest reason most people never get 18-20 inch arms. By the time you’ve done 20 sets each for chest, shoulders, and direct tricep work, some people are doing upwards of 50-60 sets of triceps (both direct and indirect movements combined). Two of my favorite movements to overdevelop the rear head of the triceps are dips and tricep press downs. The key is in how we do them. First, do a very low number of sets. Secondly, don’t do both in  the same workout. With dips, do a very low number of sets. Do them very slowly (but if they hurt your shoulders, avoid them). Try to use dipping bars that are parallel to each other and not too far apart. With your head looking forward or slightly up, slowly descend about 1/2 to 3/4 of the the way down), slowly come back up and DO NOT lock out the triceps.Try to keep the elbows close to your sides. Keep tension on them at all times. Go to failure on the warmup set with body weight only. On the second set, add as much weight with a dipping belt as you can, that’ll allow you 4-6 strict reps.  On the tricep press downs, step away from the stack, so that the cable is coming back towards you at an angle, not straight up and down. Use a bar that is “upside down V” shaped. Keep your elbows at your sides. lean your torso back a bit and look slightly upwards. DO NOT lean into the movement, with your elbows going out, otherwise you will only be working your pecs and side triceps. Only your forearms should move! Do the reps very slowly. The bar should come up to lower pec level if done correctly. First set do a weight to failure that’ll allow about 10 reps to warmup with. Second set go to failure with the most weight you can use for 4-6 slow strict reps. Also, please do yourselves a favor, purchase a BRUTALLY HUGE book. This blog can’t possibly go into the type of detail my books do. Even if you only do what I mentioned here, but you keep over training the rest of your body, your arms won’t grow. You need to learn and recognize exactly what constitutes over training. You also need the intense growth techniques that’ll stimulate growth. Let me tell you the plain truth. I have clients all around the world emailing me and saying how much they are growing, how their arms grew one inch the first month, how they put on 5-10 pounds in a month, how they always feel thick and rounded, and how their joints never hurt. Some of them didn’t grow for years before applying these principles! Give yourself the gift of practically non stop growth! Do yourself the biggest favor you will never regret by GETTING BRUTALLY HUGE! Best wishes! Stay healthy and get BRUTALLY HUGE!

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