Traditionally, if you look back on history, the stock market goes up! Sure there have been a few bear markets along the way, but overall, it goes up. Look up a hundred year chart of the DOW Jones! Some people buy a stock, and it starts going down, and they hold onto it for ever thinking it will go back up someday, or their advisor says: “you have to stay in it for the long term”. Yeah right! That could take 16 years as the Nasdaq hit a high in March 2000, and then didn’t get back that high until this year!!!! That’s a long time to hope and wait. What’s the similarity? So many bodybuilders train all wrong, and keep doing it for years with no results. Hope is never part of the equation! If you train properly, you will grow from the word get go!!!!  The Brutally Huge principles are the best chance for most average people and hard gainers to get BRUTALLY HUGE! You’ll start growing immediately! Most people are shocked at how this works. It’s BRUTALLY effective and simple!  I don’t know about you, but I am not a long term investor! I want to grow right away and so should you! I want and demand immediate results. I’m 55 and can’t wait 15 more years! Even if you are 20, do you want to waste 5 or 10 years with little to show for it? How much more time will you waste, before you quit in frustration? Seriously, act now and GET BRUTALLY HUGE, while you are still young enough and healthy enough to do so! Best Wishes and stay healthy.

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