Most people want big biceps right? However, they go about trying to obtain them all wrong! Before reading on, remember, these posts are for natural trainers, who must do everything right to eke out some growth! Twenty sets twice a week is not the answer. If you think volume is the key, then why not double it to 40 sets (but please don’t really try this as I don’t want to see you shrink or worse yet, get hurt)! When you shrink, then maybe you’ll come back to me with an open mind. First thing, quit overtraining your whole body by training 4-7 days a week.  Secondly, cut the amount of pulling movements (rows, pulls, pulldowns, etc) you do in half. Third, then depending on your age, size, level of advancement, do back and biceps only once every 4th to 7th day! Fourth, try this bicep exercise, that I hardly see anyone ever do. I call it the Wall Curl! I want you to lean against a wall with barbell in hand. Feet should be about a foot away from the wall so you just lean against it. Do only 2 sets of this exercise. The first set should be a warmup of 10-15 reps. The second set should be the heaviest weight you can strictly handle for about 4 reps. Do all reps slowly and deliberately. Keep your elbows back as much as you can. Only your forearms should move. I repeat, do the reps slowly! If you can’t feel them burn, they’re not working, something else is! At the bottom of each rep, try to stop the bar from resting on your thighs. In other words, keep the tension on the biceps, show them no mercy! At the top of each rep, you should feel the bicep “jam” up and cramp. Squeeze them hard for a second or two. Resist the temptation to let your elbows come forward at the top part of each rep. Slowly lower and repeat for the prescribed number of reps. Do your biceps on back days. Add weight when possible and go to failure on the last set. Your ego will not like the piddly weight you’ll be forced to use when you can’t cheat, but those biceps will grow! By the way, per a prior post (on doubling your bodyweight), my arms went from 14 inches as a 14 year old, to over 20 inches by the time I was in my early twenties, and  I am still BRUTALLY HUGE, still growing, and I can’t stop it, even at 55 years of age, by following the above principles and ways of thinking. I have faith, that most of you could have at least 18 inch arms if you knew what I know! Any of my books will explain in much greater detail than this one blog, why all of us natural trainers must adhere to the above principles, and not what you read in the magazines, if you ever hope to GET BRUTALLY HUGE! The choice is yours! Come join me in the land of Brutally Huge!

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