The above statement is so true. Let us analyze in detail, the meaning of the title of this blog. Most bodybuilders I know of are suffering from dogmatic cult-like  indoctrination by the mainstream muscle magazines! To be fair, I have met a couple of people (in 40 years) who grew off doing 20 sets per bodypart (without drugs), but they were the exception. Maybe they were blessed with great healing and recuperative powers? I know I sure wasn’t! I know, that you all know, that the “champs” who are stating that they do 25 sets per bodyparts are also taking 6-14 drugs, right? Let me prove to you, with some examples, why brevity is the key to getting BRUTALLY HUGE, and why most of us can never hope to grow from such gross overtraining (i.e.-20 sets per bodypart).  Let’s say you lay out in the sun for 15 minutes. What happens? Well, you get a little pink, and a few days later have a nice tan. What if you were to lay in the sun for 2 hours? Well, if you weren’t used to it, you’d probably get 3rd or 4th degree burns and visit you local hospital burn center.  Let’s say you get some really coarse sandpaper, and rub you palms on it for 10 seconds. What happens is that your palms will get a little red and swollen, then a few days later, your calluses will be thicker. Alternatively, what if you were to rub your palms for 5 minutes on the same piece of sandpaper? Well, you’d probably rub the skin right off down to the raw flesh and once again, you’d be going to the hospital, maybe for a skin graft? The above examples show that in most instances in life, where there is something that is involved in “stressing” the human body, in some fashion; that a little stress produces positive results, whereas overdoing the same stress is not only detrimental, but can really hurt you. And so it is with lifting weights. Too much of a good thing can completely halt and reverse all growth and progress! The Brutally Huge books have this dialed down to a science. There is no guess work or hoping here. You will learn exactly how many sets to do, irregardless of your size, and how infrequently to do them. As a matter of fact, you will not find the typical 6 day split mentioned anywhere, for anyone to do, at any time, in any of my books!!!!! Also, we work with our customers on a personal level to ensure they are growing! Who else does that? The first thing most people report is feeling thicker, more energetic, stronger, no more hurting joints, and much to their surprise, they are growing again! Wouldn’t you like to GET BRUTALLY HUGE? For your homework, please read this blog again and then yet again tomorrow! Best wishes and stay healthy (and staying out of the gym too much will help you achieve the “stay healthy” part)!

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