I went from being a 14 year old weighing 145lbs to 283 lbs a couple years ago, at the age of 53. So while, I didn’t quite double my body weight during my life, I almost did. As a matter of fact I still could, and I am seriously considering giving it one more final hoorah! Hey, some people say we only live once right? Also, I am not getting any younger. I weigh a “svelt” 270lb now. It wouldn’t be inconceivable to hit 290lb following my own BRUTALLY HUGE principles. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine has convinced me that everyone should be 300lbs once in their life!  So, let’s get to the point! Unlike the “champs” who lose 100lbs when they stop their drug usage, as if that’s acceptable, normal, and just part of the game (not to me it isn’t); I am still HUGE after all these years. I have been HUGE for 40 years! I have been Huge longer than a lot of you have been alive! When you were born, I was HUGE! I have been privileged to make friends all over the world! One thing I’ve learned is none of us ever wants to be small, at any age. Furthermore, let me tell you, being HUGE at 55, benching 300lbs, having 19-20 inch arms, is every bit as important now, as it was when I was 14. As a matter of fact, I hope to be the world’s first octogenarian who weighs at least 250lbs and sporting arms that look like legs.  I have a system, that to the best of my knowledge, everyone grows. Some people have sent messages saying their arms grew 1 inch the first month. I have never received a letter (email) from someone saying:  “I shrank”! My system is almost foolproof! Dare I say 100% of my clients and customers grow to some degree, and fast! There are certain irrefutable physiologic principles, that when followed, yield rapid gains in mass. My books contain those principles! If you only knew how easy it is to get HUGE (although the pain is incredible). You will not find this kind of info in the bodybuilding mags. Personally, does anyone really think they can look like the “champs”, following their 25 set per bodypart, 6 day a week routines?  How much more of your life will you waste, following drug based routines that will never get you HUGE, no matter how long you hope or how long you stick with it? I am HUGE! Are you?


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