We have witnessed a surge of customers from around the world wanting the Brutally Huge books. International customers can get these fine books from,,, and  You can also get them direct from our website: WWW.BRUTALLYHUGE.COM.  If you are an international customer going to WWW.BRUTALLYHUGE.COM, select the book(s) you want, choose “NO STATE OR PROVINCE” (in the drop down box) on the first page of the shopping cart. You’ll be able to choose your country on the second page of the shopping cart. Fill out all the billing information. At the checkout, choose “PayPal invoice” and complete the checkout. We will receive the address information and will calculate the postage and shipping cost. We will send a PayPal invoice to you, then you can make your payment. Once it’s paid, we will ship your books and you can start making the best gains of your life. Ask yourself this question: are you content with your current size and strength? You have nothing to lose but your present measurements! Act now and GET BRUTALLY HUGE!!!!!

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