I have some ways here for trainers to naturally increase their hormone levels.  Before trying any of this advice, consult your physician. (1) Avoid all products containing soy. If you don’t know what’s in what you eat, then don’t eat it. Did you know Taco Bell meat (for example) is mostly soy? What’s the problem you say? Soy is a potent phytoestrogen! Avoid Soy Joy, soy milk, protein powders made with soy, man made fast food, anything with soy. Why do you think so many men are running around with breasts these days? (2) getting some sun can raise your testosterone levels, but don’t get burned! If you have a history of melanoma’s , avoid doing this. Do not use sun screen. Get 10-15 minutes of exposure. This is proven to elevate vitamin D levels and testosterone. (3) Do 3 sets of INTENSE leg work to failure and nothing else for them! Squats are hard to do this with, as far as safety concerns, so leg presses might be a better option? Don’t do fast jerky movements. Don’t lock out, keep tension on the thighs. Feel the pain each rep! (4) Eat red meat from grass fed cows and cage free eggs. Did you know that the production of every hormone in your body starts off with cholesterol?  Google the hormone synthesis cascade if you don’t believe me, or take Biochemistry 460 at the U of A, or the equivalent at your local university, like I did. As long as your cholesterol is under 200, (I personally believe under 250), and don’t have familial hypercholesterolemia, or a family history of heart disease, it shouldn’t be a problem. By the way, IMHO, taking steroids will probably cause heart disease faster than any eggs. I am also seriously disturbed by bodybuilders eating the white of the egg and throwing out the yoke, saying it’s unhealthy, then they have no problems taking  steroids. Such ignorance makes me angry and ill! Eat the yokes, and your testosterone levels will increase. A well known trainer of stars and champs, out in southern California in the 60’s and 70’s used to put his students on a dozen fertile eggs a day and a gallon of raw milk, for hard gainers!  (5) Take zinc sulfate 35-50 mg each day. (6) Avoid excessive aerobics which destroys testosterone (7) Avoid too much beer as the hops contain estrogens! (8) Get rid of regular chemically treated white table salt, and start using sea salt. It contains approximately 80 minerals, which feed your adrenals, which also makes testosterone. (9) Sleep alot, yes, lots of sleep is very “androgenic”. (10) Eat no sugar within 3 hours of sleep as that will inhibit growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland. (11) Consider taking DHEA if you have low “T”. In conjunction with the above advise, you’ll have more than enough testosterone to naturally build 18-20 inch arms and you’ll live to see 55. I ought to know, I did! Get Brutally Huge!

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