Today’s topic is safety. It was March of 2012,and  I had been training for 36 years at that point. I have always been very careful in the gym, never goofed around, warmed up, and never suffered any severe injuries in my life. Call it a freak accident. I was pulling some 45 lb plates off a machine (that someone else left on) at about face level. I didn’t see the 25 lb plate hidden in between two 45 lb plates. The 25 lb plate dropped like a guillotine onto my left greater toe. It hurt so bad, but I wouldn’t scream, I wasn’t going to let them know I hurt. I saw blood seeping thru my sock and sneaker and leaking onto the floor.  I was so enraged, but by golly I was going to finish my seated calves raises with 250lb,IMG_1717 then I’d go to the E.R. When I got there, they x-rayed it, and it was split open and broke at the tip in 5 places. They discussed suturing the tip back in place with metal wires running thru the wound and nail that you see. I didn’t want to go that route, and the ER doc didn’t really want to either. Also, it was split to the bone, so they also gave me an antibiotic so I wouldn’t get osteomyelitis (bone infection).  I was scheduled to see a podiatrist/surgeon two days later. He said, if it had been a 45 lb plate that dropped from that height, they would’ve amputated it. If it had hit the big joint I was told, I would’ve needed surgery and a stainless steel pin through the toe and put into a cast.  I suffered through phantom pains for years, even after it healed.  BOTTOM LINE- First, I now always carefully inspect all machines I use, especially if left loaded with plates. Second, I always wear my high top Nautilus STEEL TOE sneakers when working out! They can withstand about 2200lbs p.s.i. of impact and will save your toes. I got mine on for about $85.00. I would strongly recommend you consider some for yourself. Your toes are worth it. Be Safe!


  1. Loving the content! Do you have any more pics of your current or post shape apart from on the book? Just for motivation? Keep up the posts. Just bought the book and it’s made me question why my progress is so poor!


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