For all you natural trainers out there, I have some shocking news for you. You can’t look like the guys in the magazines, i.e.-zero percent bodyfat, and get huge at the same time. Indeed, decades ago, Joe Gold, the owner of the original Gold’s Gym once said that when training naturally, for every 3 pounds of muscle you put on, you have to gain one pound of fat to gain that muscle. That’s not a bad ratio. I’d gladly put on 7 pounds of fat right now, if I could gain 21 more pounds of muscle. Fat is not bad! Only to competitive bodybuilders it is. Once back in the 60’s, Bruce Randall bulked up to 400lbs before cutting down to 183 to win a major show. While I am not advocating that sort of bulking strategy, it shows a point. You just can’t build muscle while you’re starving. Remember, I said this was for natural trainers. But since we’re on this subject, I know you’ve all read where even the “champs” run around with pot bellies in the off season! How many champs, even while on 14 different drugs, drop from 320 to 275 for a show? Nearly all of them.  Even they, whilst on all their drugs can’t be 300 pounds and zero percent fat year round. Best thing to do is first train for all the mass you want, then slowly diet, do low intensity cardio to burn fats stores, eliminate carbs, and give yourself about 6 months to a year to do so, so you don’t destroy hard earned muscle. I’m 55, and personally I don’t give a hoot about being cut as I have no desire to compete (ps- I like my steaks, pizza’s, Hagen-Daz, and Coronas).  No one is going to love you anymore because you have a vein on your belly. I just want to be Brutally HUGE with arms that look like legs, and I want to help you get HUGE too! Furthermore, with my courses, you will get HUGE! So go easy on yourself. Like the super thin waif models setting unrealistic goals most women can’t achieve, so do pics of the “champs” set standards that are not naturally possible , or realistic, as most of us won’t “do what it takes” to look like that. Too many dead bodybuilders (3-4 dozen of them, I’ve counted), dead in their 30’s from drugs! Once again, you can’t be ripped, like the people in the mags, while trying to get HUGE. Let me help you get HUGE. What you do with it at that point is up to you! The choice is yours! Be safe, be healthy, and be HUGE!

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