In all my journeys and talks with people around the globe, you’d be surprised how many people say: “I want to have a good workout, I want to get a good burn, I want to be really sore the next day (a euphemism for overtrained).  I don’t get it, but there are people who really want to be in the gym 6 days a week and don’t care if they grow, as long as they have a “good workout”. That’d be like saying I want to work hard at my job, but I don’t care if I get paid or I am going to study really hard for a college exam, but don’t care if I pass or fail? Huh? You can’t serve 2 masters. You can either have a “good” workout, and work the muscle from all angles with 20 sets to ensure overtraining, or you do what it takes to get HUGE, which is the direct opposite of having a good workout! As a matter of fact, the kind of set or workout done in such a way as to produce growth, should be such an unpleasant experience, that you don’t even look forward to it! Yes, if after doing a set of curls you can even bend your arm, or if after a set of lateral raises, you can lift your arm up to touch your deltoids with your finger tip, you didn’t train hard enough. Furthermore, if after doing a set of back breaking rows to failure, you can talk to your buddy, you didn’t train hard enough to stimulate growth. This proclivity to follow the champs and do steroid based overtraining routines, is almost like some kind of brainwashing that I can’t undo. Sadly, most people keep doing it with little to show for their efforts. What a waste!

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