An editor for a popular mag back in the 1990’s wrote, the reason you see bigger and bigger bodybuilders from the 1960’s,  to the 1970’s, to the 1980’s, and finally in the 1990’s,  is that they are taking more and more drugs. I can’t stress this enough, that the average person who is natural cannot grow from 20 sets per bodypart. This kind of training is gross overtraining!! Also, how come people who say a large muscle needs more sets than a small one, go do 20 sets each for biceps and thighs?? Quite illogical! If you do 20 for your biceps, by mathematical proportion, shouldn’t you do 80 sets for your thighs, since anatomically speaking they are so much bigger? Go ahead, give it a try. When your thighs shrink an inch from the GROSS OVERTRAINING, come back to me, and I’ll show you how to get HUGE faster and with less sets and time than you ever thought possible. I haven’t met anyone yet that hasn’t gotten dramatic gains with my methods! You have nothing to lose but your small measurements. Get BRUTALLY HUGE!

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