One must be diligent about ferreting out the secret causes  of overtraining. It is insidious and will halt all progress. Case in point, a lifter does 15 -20 sets for his lats (rowing, pulldowns, etc). Then he goes and does 15 more sets for his biceps. All that back work strongly worked your biceps. If you don’t feel a strong pump in your biceps and upper forearms from rowing, you must not be training correctly. At any rate, you have now done a total of 30-35 sets (direct and indirect work combined) for your small biceps, and you’re probably doing it twice a week?  This kind of thinking and training is illogical and counterproductive. If indeed a large muscle does need more sets than a small one (and I don’t agree with that kind of thinking), then how can you justify doing 30 sets for your biceps which are ostensibly smaller than your lats? You can’t. Congratulations, you have just destroyed your biceps and they will not grow. YOU MUST QUIT BELIEVING THAT WHAT THE “CHAMPS” DO, WILL WORK FOR YOUR 14-16 INCH ARMS! My books tell you the exact upper limit of sets you can perform,  respond to in a positive way, and grow from. I really want to help you get BRUTALLY HUGE, and you can, but you must act!

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