Everywhere I go, I always see the herd mentality in action! I’m referring to lateral raises for the deltoids. Everyone does that same motion where they only raise the dumbell to shoulder height and act like they’re pouring  the proverbial pitcher of water to supposedly “stimulate” the side delt. What a bunch of jibberish! Who started that nonsense anyway? Over the years, twisting your arm at the shoulder joint will damage you rotator cuff. Want to try a variation that will really shock your delts into new growth? Sit on  a bench with a light dumbbell in each hand. Raise them up and out to the side as usual. As the dumbbell starts raising, let your thumb start turning upward (the opposite of pouring the pitcher) and keep slowly raising until the dumbbells are overhead. Your hands and arms will now be in the same position as if you had done a shoulder press. Press the dumbbells hard together for 5 seconds, slowly lower, but only 3/4 the way down, pause and repeat for 20 reps.  Use a heavier weight for 10 reps on the second set. Do only 2  total sets like this for your delts otherwise you’ll overtrain! To make this even harder, lean forward about 2-3 inches while you are doing this movement. The pump should be brutal indeed. Remember, your delts get plenty of indirect stimulation from rows and bench presses.  Find many more secrets like this in the BRUTALLY HUGE BOOKS. HUGENESS is waiting for you!

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