BRUTALLY HUGE MASS (random thoughts on motion,stress, tension)

My Father once said decades ago (may he rest in peace) that growing muscle is a matter of how much stress you put on it. If you are wildly  swinging up 200lb cheat curls, you’re not putting much stress on your biceps ( more like your lower back and shoulders). Try to hold a 15-20lb dumbbell out at arms length for 1 minute. Your arm isn’t moving at all, but your whole arm will start shaking, deltoids burning, with beads of sweat  running down your face at the end of it. Talk about tension! How many of you have carried a big box, arms bent, and pulled close to your chest for a 100 yards? I’ll bet you were surprised to see your biceps more pumped than from your standard boring curls. Motion isn’t the only way to get BRUTALLY HUGE.  Tension is very important , ever increasing stress on the muscle is even more so. Imagine the intensity of a magnifying glass focusing the rays of sunlight on a piece of wood. It can start burning very quickly whereas the wood just lying in the sun will probably never burn. What you must do, is find ways to place more and more stress on a muscle as you get bigger. Adding more sets or workouts is simply an endurance issue, is counterproductive, and will only overtrain and shrink you. Forget that nonsense about working the muscles from all angles. It doesn’t work for natural trainers and you’ll only shrink (and maybe quit in frustration)! Let us look  at the 1 arm row for example. I can only use 150lbs x 4 reps. I never heave the weight to get it moving, instead, I deliberately increase the force until it starts to move ever so slowly. I very slowly pull it up, hold it against my ribs for 4-6 seconds, and slowly lower it, but not all the way down. The biceps, lats, brachioradialis, and rear delts never get 1 second of relief during the set. That is an example of incredible amounts of stress and tension on the muscle. Increasing your poundages while training in this manner, is how, over time, you will get BRUTALLY HUGE. Anyone who has ever trained in this manner knows, after a couple of sets, you can’t even talk, let alone do 20 sets! It’s hard and most people don’t like it! Let me show you sleeve busting stress techniques, the exact number of sets to do, and how to properly/adequately rest, so you can grow, or even the above techniques will just fry your muscles (and your nerves and adrenal glands as well). Brutally Huge will fine tune all these concepts for you. Once again, the choice is yours, you can keep wasting time and money, and be forever small, or get BRUTALLY HUGE and get BRUTALLY HUGE. I’ll be waiting for your decision.

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