The Joy of Being BRUTALLY HUGE

In addition to yesterdays blog , I pointed out that I am not promising you Mr Olympia, but nonstop growth and getting Brutally Huge! At my biggest with 20” plus arms, once hitting 283, having 31 inch thighs, even I wasnt even close to being ready for that level.  Most never will be. Most of us are unwilling to “ do what it takes”. Our real joy should come from how Huge we are for the sake of Hugeness itself!! We dont do it for, or need trophies.We do it because we love being huge, strong, confident and healthy.  Our huge arms are our trophies. Do you want a small shapely 14 inch arm because you overtrain so badly? Or do you want 18-20 inch legs attached to your shoulders? The choice is yours. Listen to the magazines or listen to me . Your choice could lead to Hugeness or being small forever! Choose Brutally Huge my friends! May health and hugeness be yours!

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