Hello, and welcome to another Brutally Huge Blog.  Some people get it all wrong. You can’t believe the errors I see committed in the gym every week that I go. Does anyone remember Muscle Builder and Power magazine from the 1970’s? There was an article in there called: “Once More With Feeling”, in which the author said: ” if you can’t feel a muscle working, then it isn’t”. Some other forces are moving the weight instead. Which gets us to the main point of this blog. Folks, when you are doing a rep, you must “DELIBERATELY and AGONIZINGLY” struggle through it, not cheat your way through/past it. You must not avoid the struggle! Quarter by quarter of every inch, you must, with deliberation and sheer mental willpower, slowly force the weight through the arc of movement! Cheating negates the benefits conferred from struggling through the range of pain. You should only do one cheat rep or one forced rep after you can no longer do any strict reps. Cheating is easy. Strict form isn’t! You must embrace the struggle, not shy away from it. For example, with curls, try doing barbell curls with your back to a wall, elbows staying down. With deliberation slowly curl the weight up. You should feel it peak at the top and burn. The first rep you fail, step away from the wall, cheat one rep, slowly resist on the way down, and that’s it! Dont be like some of these people who do a set of 8 cheating reps! Lastly, if you are in a state of being chronically overtrained, please GET BRUTALLY HUGE, so we can get you growing from head to toe, otherwise the above advice wont even work, especially if you are doing 20 sets per bodypart! Best Wishes and GET BRUTALLY HUGE!

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