If we had to reduce the whole concept of how to Get Brutally Huge into one equation, it would look like this: Undertraining + Overeating + Over resting + Intensity + Desire= BRUTALLY HUGE!!!!!    Let us get to the point!  Everyone who tries this grows! Period! Okay, some people get 17-18 inch arms, some grow after not having grown for years, some get 21 inch arms. Probably 99% of people grow, and most get quite a shock at their new found growth. To get Brutally HUGE you must master yourself! I tell you how to do this. To get Brutally Huge, you must get the 5 variables listed above in the correct proportions. To  Get BRUTALLY HUGE, quit reading the magazines. Their drug based routines will not help those of you who choose to do it naturally. Look, I am not passing a moral judgement! I’m just saying it like it is! The champs are awesome no matter what they do. But I most assuredly promise you their advice wont help you. Go ahead , try their routines, waste a few years of your precious life! Some of you may be saying: “well, who is this Bill Davis guy”, and the best one of all is: “what has he won (as if winning a contest is any indication of higher intelligence)”? The answer is, I’m just a Brutally Huge man. I’ve been HUGE for 41 years. My advice is used worldwide by the multitudes. Some us don’t care to stand on stage in our underwear and be judged by mere mortals. We are Huge for the sake of being HUGE.That is enough! Personally, I don’t give a darn about being cut. I just want to be HUGE for the rest of my life! My arms first hit 18 inches at the age of 18, and I have never looked back. Tell me this, what is enlightened about being small and weak? Are you happy? Lastly, as said before,  I work with my clients, to dial in the Brutally Huge principles to suit their specials needs. Who else does that? Think about about it and GET BRUTALLY HUGE NOW! You’re not getting any younger or bigger!

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