A lot of you have asked how I eat. Here’s an example for breakfast or dinner. Cook 10 strips of bacon cut up into small pieces in a skillet. Add 1 sliced up whole onion. Add a teaspoon of celtic grey sea salt ( available at Add a teaspoon of garlic powder or cut up some garlic cloves. Stir up and allow to cook until bacon looks done. Peel off the skin and Shred up a whole organic potato. Add potato to skillet and Stir up well. Once the potato shreds are cooked and browned you may then add cage free eggs. In this picture, I added 10 eggs. Stir the eggs into the food and cook until done. I also added some organic spinach leafs, seen in this picture for color and spinach contains lutein which is good for eyes. This could feed 2-4 people depending on one’s appetite. Bon appétit !

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