Today we will discuss proper form for 1 arm rows so as to maximize your lat, inner back, rear deltoid, bicep, and brachioradialis development. When you observe the video I want you to notice a few things. 1) I do the reps very slowly 2) I do the reps with deliberation, no cheating ,no jerking and 3) I hold the rep up against my ribcage for a peak contraction effect. I am only using a 130 LB dumbbell here for demonstrative purposes. Sometimes I may go up to 165 lbs, just as strictly. I like to do low sets and go to failure on the last set. Usually I pick a weight that will allow 2-4 reps in the above described fashion. Also, we don’t want to heave the weight and jerk it up and down. We want to deliberately pull the weight up and resist it while it is descending. We do not want any cheating, jerking, or momentum helping us. You should feel your biceps and arms quivering and shaking if you do this properly. If you do the set properly, you will probably be in quite a state of distress after a set like this when done to failure, and will not feel like talking to anyone. You won’t need a whole lot of sets to grow! If you do this exercise the way I’ve outlined, you won’t be able to or want to do a lot of sets.To find out more advanced growth techniques, number of sets to perform, how often to work out, and shock routines, you owe it to yourself to read HOW TO GET BRUTALLY HUGE! Best wishes and stay healthy.


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