Mr Who? Who cares!

Would you believe I stopped reading muscle mags back in 1991, when I realized their same old same old 25 set per bodypart routines could NOT teach me anything new. These champs today would prey on your gullibility and have you believe they are more developed today than their counterparts 25 years ago because of superior nutrition, better supplements. What a joke!! Give me a break! If better supplements were all it took, we’d all look like Mr Olympia! Speaking of Mr Olympia, who won it the last 5, 10, 15 years? I don’t know? I really don’t. Furthermore, I don’t care. I just want to be BRUTALLY HUGE, and I have for 41 years. I’ve long told you, stop reading the mags and stop listening to  people who don’t know the first thing about growing naturally. The choice is yours, follow the mags and stay small, or give my routine a try and GROW!  You won’t regret it. How far you go is up to you.

Best Wishes, stay healthy and GET BRUTALLY HUGE.

2 thoughts on “Mr Who? Who cares!

  1. I’m with you. I haven’t cared who the latest risk-taker, err Mr Olympia was for decades. When I reflect on all the money I spent/wasted on my weekly or monthly muscle mags in my teens and 20’s it makes me ill. Thankfully I only fell for a couple of the supplement scams.

    First there was Weider’s Anabolic Paks; at $60 a hit! Then ol’ uncle Joe got caught out for his “steroid like effects” claim. Fined $13 mil (a pittance to him). They were taken off the shelf and repackaged. Secondly was FRAC. With studies claiming “proven to raise testosterone levels”, it was a must have. My training partners and I drove all over town, back in ’88, to snap up the last bottles. Then, years later, the truth came out. They left off the last, most crucial, part…”in pregnant women”! Grrr

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    1. Kevin, back in the 80’s, I had a bad attitude towards bodybuilding supplements. I even said in a book, all most of them are good for is the most expensive urine, in whatever town you live in!😂
      Now I am not talking about regular, needed vitamins, such as multivitamins, vitamin B complex, C,D, zinc, protein powders etc, but anything claiming to give superior gains and make one look like mr olympia. Sheer rubbish!
      I never knew weider got sued 13 million. WOW!


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